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May 14, 2012

Today on ImmigrationReform.com - Drug Cartel Violence On the Increase, and More About Sanctuary Cities

Check out our latest blogs on ImmigrationReform.com today. The first takes a look at the tragic results of sanctuary policies towards illegal aliens. Our newest blog notes the latest episode of drug cartel violence across our southern border and further highlights the need for secure borders. Read all our blogs at www.immigrationreform.com.

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Zero Tolerance Border Enforcement Works, But Requires Resources

"[O]n a chilly day in December 2005, this stretch of border became 'ground zero' for a Border Patrol experiment dubbed 'Operation Streamline,' a strategy that transformed immigration enforcement along large swaths of the border. Rather than sending illegal immigrants voluntarily back to their countries or processing them through civil immigration courts, nearly all those caught were funneled into the federal criminal justice system, prosecuted, imprisoned and sent home as convicted criminals," the Houston Chronicle writes.

"Now, the grassy expanse is quiet, save for the soft swoosh of the river, the ducks quacking on the golf course's pond and the flapping of the flag on the fourth hole. Border Patrol officials have expanded the 'zero tolerance' zone to cover all 210 miles of the Del Rio Sector and other stretches of the border in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Yet, the so-called Streamline strategy has become a political flash point in the border security debate, with some immigration hawks, including U.S. Rep. John Culberson, R-Houston, lobbying to expand it along the entire length of U.S.-Mexico border."

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Detainers Latest Battleground for Amnesty Supporters

"In Seattle, immigrant rights and domestic violence groups have begun lobbying King County executive Dow Constantine to halt honoring a key component of the [Secure Communities] program. They want King County to stop holding suspected illegal immigrants in the county jail for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a practice called 'detainers,'" says CBS News.

"At least two other counties -- Cook County in Illinois and Santa Clara County in California -- in the country have begun ignoring detainers. San Francisco is also declining to hold illegal immigrants for the federal government."

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GOP Lawmakers Say Immigration Reform Should Focus on Enforcement

"Some prominent Republicans, including presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, have been trying a new, softer tone on illegal immigration. But that message has yet to reach some rank-and-file House members," says CQ Today.

"Several of the GOP lawmakers who spoke Tuesday to 44 talk radio hosts who were camped out in the Phoenix Park Hotel on Capitol Hill [for FAIR's Hold Their Feet to the Fire] delivered a blunt warning to their fellow Republicans: Don't stray too far on immigration."

"[Last] Tuesday's event, hosted annually by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which favors stricter enforcement, drew radio hosts from across the country who pressed GOP lawmakers for reassurance that they are not about to cave on the issue."

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Cornyn Readies New Visa Giveaway for Silicon Valley

"John Cornyn, the GOP's top political strategist in the Senate, is looking to cut a bipartisan, election year deal that answers Silicon Valley's plea for more skilled-worker visas. 'This is a problem we need to solve,' the Texas senator said, referring to demands from high-tech companies for a relaxation of restrictions on foreign graduate students and technicians," CQ Today reported.

"A broad immigration overhaul remains at a standstill, and members of both parties realize that movement on any related issue will require significant bipartisan backing and numerous compromises. A narrowly targeted bill could quickly take on added weight."

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