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May 07, 2012

Today on ImmigrationReform.com - Quest for DREAM Act is Political Shield for President

FAIR's Executive Director Julie Kirchner writes that Sen. Marco Rubio's current DREAM Act chatter is just a distraction from the administration's immigration position. Check out her blog which includes a link to a PDF outlining why this is bad policy and politics.

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Krauthammer: Obama The Divider in Chief

"Poor Solicitor General Donald Verrilli. Once again, he's been pilloried for fumbling a historic Supreme Court case. First shredded for his 'train wreck' defense of Obamacare's individual mandate, he is now blamed for the defenestration in oral argument of Obama's challenge to the Arizona immigration law. The law allows police to check the immigration status of someone stopped for other reasons. Verrilli claimed that constitutes an intrusion on the federal monopoly on immigration enforcement," says Charles Krauthammer in his latest column.

"Hispanics are just the beginning, however. The entire Obama campaign is a slice-and-dice operation, pandering to one group after another, particularly those that elected Obama in 2008 -- blacks, Hispanics, women, young people -- and for whom the thrill is now gone."

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Does The Federal Government Have Jurisdiction Over Anxiety, Bad Grades and Bullying?

The Department of Justice, under Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Thomas Perez, continues to pursue a vendetta against Alabama for trying to take action against illegal immigration.

In a letter to Alabama schools, Perez writes, "Many Hispanic student reported staying home from or withdrawing from school out of fear that they would be questioned regarding their immigration status, or that of their family members. Hispanic students further reported being singled out to receive notices or attend assemblies about HB 56, based on their actual or perceived national origin or immigration status... Hispanic children reported increased anxiety and diminished concentration in school, deteriorating grades, and increased hostility, bullying and intimidation. Teachers and administrators reported the detrimental impacts on students, from student absences to precipitous drops in academic engagement and performance."

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Sheriff's Race in Texas Turns on Immigration

"In Travis County, which many consider the liberal hub of Texas, a controversial immigration-enforcement policy is at the forefront of the sheriff's race. Sheriff Greg Hamilton, first elected in 2004, is coming under increasing fire from his Democratic primary challenger, John Sisson, a retired Austin Police Department lieutenant, for his use of Secure Communities," the Texas Tribune writes.

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Traffic Stop Shows Arizona Law in Action

"A week after Supreme Court arguments over Arizona's illegal-immigration law, the arrest, detention and subsequent release of an undocumented woman following a traffic stop added a real-world example to the courtroom debate about how the statute could play out," the Wall Street Journal writes. "Araceli Mercado Sanchez, who is married to an American soldier and is in the process of legalizing her U.S. residency, was pulled over Tuesday for making an illegal turn, and sent to immigration authorities when she couldn't produce a driver's license or Social Security card requested by a sheriff's deputy."

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Krikorian: Supreme Court Likely to Uphold SB 1070

"The Supreme Court is almost certainly going to uphold the most controversial portion of Arizona's 2010 immigration law, S.B. 1070 -- the requirement that local police check the immigration status of people stopped for other offenses if there's reason to believe they are illegal immigrants," says CIS Executive Director Mark Krikorian.

"The U.S. Justice Department's case is based on the contention that Congress has prohibited states from assisting federal authorities in enforcing immigration law in this way -- a claim that is transparently false and that even the pro-Obama members of the court were not buying during last month's oral arguments."

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