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April 17, 2012

Romney Hire Signals Shift on Immigration?

"Mitt Romney's hiring of Republican strategist Ed Gillespie is being seen as a sign the campaign will heavily court Hispanic voters -- perhaps at the expense of immigration hard-liners in the party," The Hill reports.

"Gillespie, a former head of the Republican National Committee, has long advocated an aggressive outreach to the Hispanic community. He helped found the Republican State Leadership Committee, a group that recruits and trains GOP candidates for office and has emphasized finding female and minority candidates. He also heads up Resurgent Republic, an organization focused on messaging to independents, including Hispanic swing voters."

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Earth Day Ad Focuses on Immigration Policy

"Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has launched a national TV campaign calling attention to the fact that mass immigration to the U.S. is expanding the country's already massive carbon footprint and driving population growth that will add 100 million people to America in the next 40 years. The campaign is currently running on national cable TV as well as local TV stations in San Diego, California," CAPS says in a news release.

To view the TV ad, visit www.CAPSweb.org.

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Kotkin: The Myth of GOP Decline

As the fine print says, past results do not guarantee future performance-and there are some surprising countervailing factors that could upset the conventional wisdom of Republican decline," says political analyst Joel Kotkin.

"To be sure, most Latinos these days vote Democratic. But they also tend to be somewhat culturally conservative. Almost all are at least nominally Christian, and roughly one in four is a member of an evangelical church. They also have been moving to the suburbs for the past decade or more--a trend that is of great concern to city-centric Democratic planners.

"A more integrated, suburban, and predominantly English-speaking Latino community could benefit a GOP (assuming it eschews stridently nativist platform). After all, it wasn't so long ago that upward of 40 percent of Latinos voted for the likes of George W. Bush, who won a majority of Latino Protestants.

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Voter ID Important to Stopping Immigration Anarchy

"With the support of President Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, the liberal left argues that open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, along with a little anarchy, are good for the country. The result, however, is immigration anarchy -- political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control over the nation's borders," says James Walsh at NewsMax.com.

"Open-borders advocates advance immigration anarchy first by seeking amnesty for illegal aliens and then by demanding that illegal aliens be allowed to vote in U.S. elections. They cite as their defense that the USA is a nation of immigrants, and so it is, but a nation built by legal immigrants who came and assimilated and waited their turn in the citizenship line."

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Hispanic Evangelical Preacher Seeks New "Great Awakening"

"Hispanic evangelical leader Samuel Rodriguez said Christians must realize the importance of dealing with the issue of illegal immigration, and urged them to rise up and apply biblical principles rather than leave it to "self-seeking" Republican and Democrat lawmakers," the Christian Post writes.

"Dealing with the immigration issue 'may very well be the salvation of American Christianity,' said the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, pastor and president of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, in an interview on Christian TV program Life Today with James and Betty Robison on Monday."

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Tequila Party Endorses Candidate Running in Nevada

"The National Tequila Party Movement is a female-led political movement encouraging Latinos to vote for Latino-friendly politicians and is headquartered in Arizona. We are making historic news as we get behind the first Latina political candidate to run for Congressional District 2 in Nevada," says a news release from the group.

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