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February 14, 2012

Tenn. Bill Seeks Higher Bail for Illegal Aliens in Fatal Accidents

"A Republican lawmaker wants higher bails set for illegal immigrants involved in serious injury or fatal crashes. A bill proposed by state Rep. Joe Carr of Lascassas would lead to higher bail amounts for illegal immigrants in those situations by automatically treating them as a flight risk -- making it harder to bond out before trial," the Tennessean writes. "Carr said the bill follows his philosophy of tackling illegal immigration one issue at a time, something he says the state should do to 'de-magnetize itself from the dependency illegals have on state services and the fact that they feel like they're welcome here.'"

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Mississippi Co. Settles Suit Over Favoring Hispanic Workers

"A company targeted in one of the country's largest workplace raids against undocumented immigrants settled a discrimination lawsuit accusing it of giving preferential treatment to Latinos. Howard Industries in Mississippi was accused of not offering a job to Charlyn Dozier, a plaintiff, until after the 2008 raid. She had been applying for a position at the company every three to six months for about six years. The other plaintiffs, Veronica Cook, Yolanda Phelps and Seleatha McGee, made similar allegations," Fox News Latino writes.

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Border Enforcement Looks for Cash

"Jeanette Barraza-Galindo conspicuously left her bags of teddy bears and throw pillows on a bus during an inspection at the Texas-Mexico border -- and professed ignorance about the $277,556 officers found hidden inside," says the AP. "The crime she pleaded guilty to -- bulk cash smuggling -- is increasingly drawing the attention and resources of federal authorities responsible for fighting drug trafficking across the border."

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Members of Congress File Amicus Brief Supporting SB 1070 in Supreme Court

"Although states may not pass laws setting immigration policy, they may pass harmonious laws that further Congress's purposes. Because S.B. 1070 is fully consonant with federal immigration laws, mirroring their standards and definitions, it is not pre-empted. The Ninth Circuit's decision to the contrary is based on conjured conflicts that have no basis in statutory language or other Congressionally established immigration policy," says an Amicus brief filed by the American Center for Law and Justice on behalf of members of Congress in the SB 1070 case pending before the Supreme Court.

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DHS Budget Cuts 287(g)

"A fiscal year 2013 budget brief released by Homeland Security today has some details on the Obama administration's immigration enforcement priorities, and one of the losers is the federal-local partnership known as 287(g)," Multiamerican online says.

"The administration is proposing a budget reduction of $17 million up front, and the document suggests a gradual phase-out in favor of Secure Communities, which is described as 'more consistent, efficient and cost effective.'"

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La Raza Pressuring Auto Makers in Fight Over Alabama Law

"Earlier today, NCLR joined a coalition of civil rights and labor groups, including the NAACP, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Service Employees International Union, Southern Poverty Law Center, and UAW--one of the nation's largest labor unions--to call on Alabama's business leaders to meet with the civil rights and labor community and join in the effort to oppose HB 56," says Janet Murguia of La Raza. "We are very pleased to announce that NCLR has received a response from Hyundai and that we hope to be sitting down with them in the very near future. We also hope that other prominent automakers and businesses leaders will follow suit so that we can work with them to restore justice to the state of Alabama."

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