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January 30, 2012

Today on ImmigrationReform.com - Obama Latest Visa Policy: Playing with Fire

FAIR's Director of Special Projects Jack Martin gives some realistic perspective to President Obama's latest policy change with regards to tourist visas. The bottom line is that the Administration is playing with fire. Read the whole blog at www.immigrationreform.com.

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Guilty Verdicts in Honor Killing Trial

"A Canadian court found two Afghan immigrant parents and their eldest son guilty of murdering four female family members in a so-called honor killing Sunday, the climax of a case that's transfixed Canada and sparked a wider debate about clashing cultures amid the country's large immigrant population," the Wall Street Journal writes.

"Canadian commentators have seized on the Shafia case as an example where immigrants aren't required to integrate enough. They have broadly criticized Canadian public services, including teachers and police, for not intervening when the girls complained of their father's sometimes-violent discipline. An editorial in the right-of-center National Post newspaper framed the Shafia girls as victims of Canada's "perverse national habit" of emphasizing "multicultural propriety" over individual welfare."

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Four Takeaways from Mitt Romney on Immigration

"On Friday, Romney spoke about immigration to an audience of over 600 Hispanic leaders at the Hispanic Leadership Network, a center-right advocacy group, conference in Miami. The conference was co-chaired by former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Here are four takeaways from Governor Romney's remarks," writes Fox News Latino.

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Self-Deportation is No Joke

"Why would anyone self-deport? The answer is in the middle of Romney's response: You'd self-deport because you don't have legal documentation allowing you to work here. So the mockable, hilarious and unlikely idea is an enforcement of existing law. It remains illegal to work in America without proper documentation; that we collectively look the other way doesn't, in fact, make it legal," says an op-ed in the New York Post.

"Some paint Romney's position as far-right because a version of it has been supported by more zealous immigration opponents, but it's actually a fair compromise. Enforce the laws, secure the border and give those who self-deport a fair track to US citizenship."

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Kansas Ag. Secretary Tries To Organize Hiring Network for Illegal Aliens

"Faced with a shortage of hired hands, Kansas ranchers and farmers are appealing to their state's secretary of agriculture for a solution. And he says he has one: hiring illegal immigrants. It's an idea that's unorthodox enough to turn heads but practical enough to justify a series of meetings with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security -- a meeting which Kansas Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman told the Topeka Capital-Journal he has attended," the Daily Caller writes.

"His goal is for the state government to organize a network of illegal immigrants and willing employers into a hiring network. No such arrangement, of course, can go forward without the federal government's approval, since Washington, D.C. is tasked with enforcing immigration laws."

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TN Lawsuit Against 287(g) Based in State Law Technicalities

"Nashville immigration attorney Elliott Ozment filed a lawsuit in January 2011 on behalf of individuals affected by a partnership between the Davidson County Sheriff's Office and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that allows the sheriff to investigate the immigration status of jail inmates and determine whether to turn them over for federal deportation proceedings," the Tennessean says.

"Ozment argues that the 287(g) program, as it is known, violates the 1963 Metro Charter, which stripped the sheriff's office of most of its law enforcement powers but left it in charge of Nashville's jails."

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