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January 18, 2012

Today on ImmigrationReform.com - Interesting Findings in New Georgia Ag Report

In today's edition of ImmigrationReform.com we take a look at a Georgia Department of Agriculture (GADOA) report on the effect of HB87, Georgia's immigration enforcement law, on farmers in the state. Plus, take a look at a ridiculous quote by a member of the Colorado Democratic party. Find these blogs and more at www.immigrationreform.com.

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Travel Industry Lobbies To Weaken Rules

"Travel groups and convention planners are among the groups pressing the United States to change some of its more onerous visa requirements, arguing that the current rules are keeping out many international business travelers and that a faster, more efficient process would help American companies compete in the global marketplace," the New York Times writes.

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Rep. Aderholt Scolds DHS for Abandoning Deportations

"An Alabama Republican is taking the Obama administration to task for its decision to suspend the implementation of a controversial deportation program in his state," CQ Today reported.

"Rep. Robert B. Aderholt, who chairs the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security, sent a letter Tuesday to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, urging her to continue rolling out the Secure Communities program in Alabama."

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Cook County Commisioners Try to Reverse Sanctuary Policy

"Three Cook County commissioners are pushing for big changes to an ordinance that frees some inmates wanted by immigration authorities. The commissioners say they'll argue for amendments at Wednesday's County Board meeting and press for a public hearing on them," WBEZ reports.

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Border Patrol Plans Cutback in Voluntary Repatriations

"U.S. Border Patrol officials announced Tuesday what may be the toughest policy aimed at deterring illegal immigration since Operation Hold the Line began 19 years ago. Details on the new policy or strategy are expected to start filtering out today. Essentially, the Border Patrol plans to curtail the practice of using voluntary returns to send undocumented immigrants back to their home countries without punishment," the El Paso Times says.

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