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October 14, 2011

Illegal Alien Sex Offender Caught in Alabama, Charged Under New Law

"On Wednesday morning, Marshall County sheriff's deputies arrested Juan Vargas, 28, of Huntsville, on a warrant for sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12, according to Sheriff Scott Walls. When deputies checked on Vargas' immigration status, it was learned that he is in the United States illegally from his native country of Guatemala," the Gadsen Times writes.

"Vargas is being held in the Marshall County Jail. In addition to the sexual abuse charge, he is being charged with willful failure to carry alien registration under Alabama's new immigration law. An ICE detainer also has been placed."

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Illegal Immigration is a Campaign Issue Because It's Against the Law

Peter Robinson comes to the obvious conclusion after asking, "If illegal immigration is down, why do Republicans still care so much about it?" He says, "[E]ven if a single alien were never again to enter California, and even if half those now in the Golden State illegally were suddenly to return home while the other half magically became citizens, the federal government would still have permitted millions to enter the state in violation of the law. This raises fundamental questions about our constitutional order. How can the federal government fail for years on end to perform a duty as basic as policing the border?"

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ACLU, Usual Suspects File Suit Against South Carolina Law

"South Carolina could be blocked by a federal judge before the state gets a chance to enforce its new law aimed at forcing illegal immigrants across the border. The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday led a coalition of civil rights organizations, labor groups and individuals to file a federal suit Wednesday in Charleston district court to throw out the law," the Post and Courier writes.

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Obama Justice Dept. Trolls for Complaints in Alabama

"The assistant attorney general for the civil rights division of the U.S. Department of Justice was in Birmingham tonight to urge people to report possible civil rights violations stemming from Alabama's new immigration law," the Birmingham News says.

[FAIR comment - When was the last time an assistant Attorney General asked the public to report violations by illegal immigrants?]

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Fishing Crew Found Violating American Waters to Be Deported

"The crew of the Bangun Perkasa has been moved from Alaska to Seattle, where they face deportation. The Bangun Perkasa did not have a flag and was considered a 'stateless vessel': crew members initially told the Coast Guard that they were an Indonesian fishing vessel but that country disputed the claim," the Alaska Dispatch writes.

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