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June 22, 2011

Louisiana House Passes E-Verify Measure

"Contractors who do business with public bodies at the local and state levels will have to swear an affidavit they have checked the legal status of their employees if they want to retain the work, the Louisiana House decided Tuesday," the Times-Picayune reported. "[Rep. John Bel Edwards, D-Amite] said the bill was amended by the Senate to require all subcontractors hired by the prime contractor to also use the system and submit an affidavit to the contractor pledging to make the same checks."

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Indian Woman, Daughter, Among First Beneficiaries of Administrative Amnesty

"Immigration agents who planned to deport a UC Davis premedical student and her mother to India early Wednesday instead let the family remain in the United States temporarily," the San Jose Mercury News writes. The immigration attorney helping the two "cited new deportation guidelines that tell federal agents to use prosecutorial discretion when immigrants are not considered a priority for deportation. John Morton, the nation's director of immigration enforcement, announced the new guidelines in a memo released Friday. Among those who deserve special consideration are college students who came to the United States as children, according to the memo."

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South Carolina Approves E-Verify Law

"A bill that requires police in South Carolina to check suspects' immigration status and mandates that all businesses check their hires through a federal online system received final legislative approval Tuesday. The House voted 69-43 to agree with the Senate's changes and send the bill to Republican Gov. Nikki Haley, whose spokesman confirmed she will sign it," the Wall Street Journal reported.

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ICE Finds 2,000 Criminals in Jail Sweep

"The Obama administration announced Tuesday that federal agents swept up 2,400 illegal immigrants in a nationwide raid last month, starting what will likely be a months-long process of figuring out what to do with them. The sweep, the product of a seven-day enforcement operation called "Cross Check," was described as the largest of its kind," says Fox News.

"The illegal immigrants arrested in the sweep last month were divided into three basic categories: fugitives who had outstanding deportation orders against them, those who already had been deported and illegally re-entered the U.S., and at-large convicted criminals."

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Gallup Poll Shows Support for Reducing Immigration

"Americans in 2011 continue to show a preference for decreased immigration levels (43%) over maintaining current levels (35%), with far fewer wanting to see increased immigration (18%). The majority of Americans still believe immigration is a good thing for the United States today," says the Gallup Poll organization.

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Ruben Navarrette Jr. - Gingrich Wins the GOP Immigration Debate

"Gingrich sounded brilliant. Yet, he loses points because his line about the National Guard perpetuates the myth that enforcement is the magic elixir of this debate. He should have gone after employers, and stressed that Americans have a responsibility not to hire illegal immigrants or play dumb when their friends, neighbors and relatives do," says Ruben Navarratte Jr. in assessing the GOP debate on immigration.

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Will the Media Mind Terribly If We Say We Told Them So?

ICE Enforcement Numbers Down, Not Up

By Bob Dane, FAIR Communications Director

FAIR has appeared this year on a number of major TV news networks to refute the Obama Administration's claim that immigration enforcement has been rising. Despite protests to the contrary - even by the anchors themselves waiving spoon-fed DHS statistics and shouting "you have to admit the numbers are up"- FAIR held fast and explained overall enforcement numbers are down. While criminal alien removals have increased, the administration is deemphasizing enforcement against non-criminal illegal aliens, and it is reflected in the lower overall numbers.

According to the just released U.S Department of Homeland Security Immigration Enforcement Actions 2010, it appears we were right.


Criminal removals 131,840

Non-criminal removals 263,325

Total Removals 395,165


Criminal removals 168,532

Non-criminal removals 218,701

Total Removals 387,242

The thing that's really "up" is the PR spin of this administration that they are serious about immigration enforcement. Don't hold your breath however for corrections, retractions or clarifications in the mainstream press.

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