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September 10, 2010

Rural Border Areas Not Secure

"[W]hile there's no question areas around border cities like San Diego and Yuma are visibly more secure, with fences, and camera's and lights - people in rural areas say new smuggling routes have never been busier. .We haven't seen much border patrol here and I guarantee you won't see any along this border...there is nobody watching this place at all,' said Gary Thrasher, a rancher in southeast Arizona," Fox News reported.

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Utah Law Would Remove Some Sanctuary Protections

"A proposed Utah immigration law that would allow police and federal immigration officials to access Utah's driving privilege-card database could scare some illegal immigrants away from obtaining licenses, immigration attorneys told the Salt Lake Tribune this weekend," the Washington Independent reports. "Utah, along with Washington and New Mexico, does not require proof of citizenship or legal residency for driver's licenses, opening them up to illegal immigrants as part of an effort at road safety."

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Misleading Spin - Repealing Birthright Citizenship Would Increase Illegal Immigration?

"Repealing birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment would actually increase illegal immigration rather than decrease it, according to a nonpartisan report," says Politico of a report by the Migration Policy Institute. "The Migration Policy Institute says that by denying automatic citizenship to U.S.-born babies of undocumented immigrants, the nation's illegal immigrant population would grow to 16 million over the next 40 years, an increase of at least 5 million people."

[FAIR comment: The way the report is being spun is misleading - if people who would be counted as citizens are instead properly denied citizenship - the illegal alien population would rise. This does not mean that the number of illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. would increase because of the policy change.]

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