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December 22, 2004


"Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) today urged Jupiter, Florida town officials to reconsider the development of a Labor Resource Center which would act as an employment office for unlawful immigrants in Jupiter," Foley's office said in a statement released today. "We can't have our government trying to stem the tide of illegal immigration on one hand and promising free job placement in the other," said Foley in the statement. Foley's office also released the letter he sent to Jupiter town officials.

In the letter Foley says, "As you know, there are currently millions of illegal aliens who live, work and have families in the United States. These aliens have not only broken the law by residing in the United States without proper authorization, but they have put an enormous strain on both our economy and our healthcare system and pose a national security threat. . . . I understand the challenges that face our community that led to your interest in creating such a center and the difficult choices we face in addressing the problems. However, developing this type of facility sends a message to both the rest of Florida and the nation that the Town of Jupiter sanctions illegal immigration - which I know is not your intention. I am willing to work with you and the council to come up with a better course of action that will meet everyone's needs. I strongly urge you to reconsider developing this new facility."

[Foley introduced a constitutional amendment this session of Congress to eliminate birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens.]

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U.S. District Court Judge David C. Bury will hear arguments today over the legality of Prop. 200, passed by Arizona voters this fall. Bury issued a temporary stay on the laws implementation until a challenge to the laws constitutionality could be heard. "Randy Pullen, chairman of Yes on Proposition 200, believes the measure is constitutional and that the courts will let the state implement it. With Bury's approval, Gov. Janet Napolitano has certified the voting provision of Proposition 200. That action allowed the state to seek approval from the Justice Department to begin asking Arizonans to show proof of citizenship when registering to vote and to present an ID when casting a ballot in person."

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"An activist judge strikes again! David C. Bury of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the will of the people and enjoined enforcement of Arizona's Proposition 200, which would require Arizonans to provide proof of citizenship in order to register to vote and require valid identification when applying for state benefits," says Eagle Forum head Phyliss Schlafly. "It's clear that Prop 200 represents the people's demand that their government enforce laws against illegal immigrants. It passed with 56 percent of the vote even though it was opposed by public officials of both parties, the Chamber of Commerce, big labor and the Catholic bishops."

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"Border Patrol agents assigned to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) identified and arrested 23,502 persons with criminal records nationwide through a new biometric integrated fingerprint system during a three-month period beginning in September, CBP officials said yesterday," the Washington Times wrote. "It allows Border Patrol agents to rapidly identify people with outstanding warrants and criminal histories by electronically comparing a live-scanned 10-fingerprint entry against a comprehensive national database of previously captured fingerprints, [the official]said."

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"The Haitian community in south Florida is suddenly beset with fear of deportation brought on by the new law intended to improve U.S. intelligence," the Washington Times writes. "Federal agents said that the efforts do not focus on any one nationality, but Haitians in south Florida say they are being targeted."

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"Refugee shelters on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border are overflowing with people scrambling to apply for asylum before a new immigration law takes effect Dec. 29," the AP reports. "Beginning next Wednesday, immigrants seeking asylum in the United States or Canada will have to apply to whichever country they arrived in first. Refugees who first travel to the United States, before attempting to enter Canada, will be turned away."

[FAIR Comment: There are a number of exceptions specified in the agreement, such as persons seeking to join family members, or unaccompanied minors. Nevertheless, FAIR believes the agreement is likely to lead to increased alien smuggling across the US-Canadian border, and for that reason we opposed the agreenent.]

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