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January 14, 2010

FAIR Urges Termination of TPS for Other Nations to Accommodate Influx of Haitians

In response to yesterday's devastating earthquake in Haiti, Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), issued the following statement on the suspension of deportation of Haitians in the United States:

"The magnitude of the devastation in Haiti makes it impossible for people to return home under current conditions. In light of the catastrophe our government should grant Haitian nationals the ability to remain in the United States until the immediate crisis has passed.

"However, it is incumbent upon our national leaders to not only act compassionately, but to act responsibly to the American people and ensure that their compassion is not abused. In keeping with these important objectives, allowing Haitians affected by the earthquake to remain in the country must be accompanied by termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for nationals of other nations where conditions no longer merit their continued presence in this country. In some cases, such as TPS for citizens of El Salvador, the triggering event occurred more than a decade ago.

"Suspension of deportation for Haitians must also include a definitive termination date, so that we do not repeat mistakes of the past. The purpose of extending temporary humanitarian leave to remain in the United States must be to help the Haitian people and government get through the immediate crisis, not to facilitate an extended or permanent transfer of large segments of their population to the United States, imposing significant burdens on American taxpayers.

"As Americans, we believe it is in the best traditions of our nation to offer a helping hand to a neighbor as they deal with a devastating earthquake, to offer humanitarian aid and provide temporary refuge to people who cannot return home. Our long term objectives must be to help Haitians return home at the early possible date to do the important work of getting their country get back on its feet."