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October 26, 2005

Schlussel: Immigration Agency Meets the Chick Channel

"The agency that replaced INS and the Customs Service is being feminized. No, I'm not talking about Julie L. Myers, the unqualified Martha Stewart wanna-be whom President Bush has nominated to take over Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) . . . But before Myers gets her chance to further emasculate the aimless agency, the Lifetime Channel beat her to the punch," says Debbie Schlussel. "That's right. The damsel-in-distress network is home to ICE's latest PR foray: a movie called "Human Trafficking Even more outrageous, the movie was done in cooperation with not just ICE's PR team, but with a militant feminist group, an anti-American group that attacks our efforts to thwart terrorists, and a group that even raises money to help rebuild terrorist facilities. Maybe they should have called the movie, 'ICE: Sleeping with the Enemy.'"

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